JUVE-Awards 2006 - Nominated as "Law Firm of the Year for IP", honored as "Law Firm of the Year for Patent Law"

Isenbruck Bösl Hörschler LLP was the only patent law firm operating without internal attorneys-at-law among the five law firms nominated as "Law Firm of the Year for IP" at the JUVE Awards 2006. Additionally, the firm was honored with the JUVE Award 2006 in the category "Law Firm of the Year for Patent Law".

Bucking the trend of mixed law firms, Isenbruck distinguishes itself with an opposing strategy: It operates without internal attorneys-at-law, trademark or patent litigation is handled using external attorneys-at-law. Isenbruck’s success proves that continuing to swim against the stream is the right thing to do.

Since its split from Bardehle in 2003, Isenbruck has been on the road to success with its crystal-clear strategy. In addition to the main offices in Mannheim and Munich the offices in Düsseldorf and Heidelberg are well established in the market. The major strength of Isenbruck remains the well-rounded partnership. It serves as backbone for future expansion plans.

(translated excerpt from JUVE AWARDS 2006, p. 55)

The JUVE-Verlag is the well-known publisher of the JUVE Handbook "German Commercial Law Firms". Each year a few particularly dynamic law firms in different regions and fields of law are honored with a JUVE-Award.